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We offer best Travel Insurance plan options looking at the increasing demands of millennial traveller.

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Certified Experts

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Claim Assistance

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Travel Insurance is an insurance product designed to cover the costs and losses and reduce the risk associated with, unexpected events you might incur while traveling. It provides the protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. Travel insurance is frequently purchased as a package that includes several different types of coverage.

Have you already planned your trip? Make sure you choose right insurance plan with us. Be sure, Insure and have a delightful and safe trip.!

Top Travel Insurance Categories

Trip cancelltion

Trip Cancellation / Interruption

Personal Effects Coverage

Baggage / Personal Effects Coverage

Medical Expenses

Major Medical Expenses

Accidental Death / Flight Accident

Accidental Death / Flight Accident

We know travel insurance can seem like just one more expense, but here are the reason you must buy travel insurance.

  • You need to cancel your trip
  • You miss your connection
  • Your flight is cancelled
  • A hurricane damages your destination
  • A terrorist event occurs
  • You get sick or injured on your trip
  • Your baggage is delayed or lost
  • Your passport is lost
  • You need an emergency medical evacuation
  • Your travel company files bankruptcy
  • You need emergency assistance services

Choose your plan type

Single Trip Policy

Single trip policy

Are you travelling occasionally? This is perfect for you. The policy usually lasts 6 months or 180 days but can be extended upon a request.

Multi Trip Policy

Multi-trip Policy

For frequent travellers this policy is perfect fit. The policy allows you to enjoy insurance cover on several trips during the year, each one ranging from 30-45 days.

Younger traveller


Younger traveller enjoys premium cost advantage compared to older one.



When you travel far, you end up paying more. The cost also varies from country to country.

Travel Duration


Are you planning country hopping with longer stay? be ready to pay more for your travel insurance.

Your Plan


Single Trip, Multiple trip and sum insured are also the factors which decide premium of your travel insurance.