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Critical Illness plan is a health insurance plan that pays a lump sum amount, equal to the sum insured, to the insured on acquiring a serious ailment such as cancer, Heart attack, stroke etc. A Crtical Illness cover provides a lump sum benefit which can pay for the cost of care and treatment, recuperation expense and even pay off any debt if taken. Regardless of your hospital expenses, the insurer pays the full sum insured. There are various pre specified plan which covers one illness and plans which covers more than one ( Kidney stone, Heart disease, Cancer etc. ). Critical illness insurance policies may also cover such conditions as Heart transplant, Coronary bypass surgery, Angioplasty, Kidney (Renal) failure, Major organ transplant, Paralysis etc.

  • Illnesses Covered
  • Survival Period
  • Coverage Age
  • Additional Coverage
  • Pre-existing Disease


Before buying Critical Illness policy, one should look at the number and types of Illnesses covered by the policy.

Survival Period

The survival period is the length of the insured must survive after he has been diagnosed with a covered critical illness. Once the insured has passed the survival period, the insurance benefit will be paid. The length of survival period varies among different insurers; it can be 14 days or 30 days or even 90 days in some cases. In other words, If the insured person dies within the survival period, the family will not receive a critical illness insurance payout at all.

Coverage Age

Check out till what age is the policy covering critical illness. Some companies cover the illness upto the age of 70 while some covers critical illness only upto the age of 65.

Additional Coverage

The core purpose of critical illness plan is to provide protection against detection of major life threatening disease but few insurance companies offers additional coverage like Child Education Benefit, Hospital Cash, Complementary Health Checkup, Personal Accident Cover, etc.

Pre-existing Disease

Some Critical Illness Plans do not cover pre-existing disease at all, while some plans have a waiting period of 48 months or less, so it is important to check the terms and conditions before buying any plan.